Wonderland Foods (Device) Almond 500g & Walnut kernel 350g Dry Fruits Combo - 850g (Jar)

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One of the healthiest and most versatile of nuts, the ALMOND, is known for its several nutritional benefits and culinary uses. They are little powerhouses of Fiber, Protein, Vitamin E, Antioxidants and Minerals. You can soak them, roast them, top off your cereals, salads and yogurts with them or simply eat them raw! They are delicious in every way! Walnuts are rich in heart-healthy fats and high in antioxidants. What's more, regularly eating walnuts may improve brain health. These nuts are easily incorporated into your diet, as they can be eaten on their own or added to many different foods.

  • High-quality, Crispy and Fresh Walnuts, California Inshell Walnuts 500g, The most popular nut in a shell, These in-shell walnuts are the best source of nutrition and a health snack that never gets old
  • Walnuts are great in baked goods and breakfast treats like zucchini walnut bread, carrot walnut muffins and apple walnut pancakes Prepare a delicious meal. Sprinkle some toasted walnuts to add flavor to your meal.
  • Add a handful of chopped walnuts or almonds to your morning cereal. storage Instructions: Store in cool and dry place
  • New Fresh Crop of Inshell Walnuts from California
  • Considered "brain food" due to its high levels of omega-3. Adding walnuts to your diet may help you to maintain your ideal weight over time.
Weight 850g

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