Wonderland Foods Dry Fruits Combo - Pack of 8

  • 1,300
  • 891

  • incl. of all taxes
  • Save 409

  • Pack consists 100gms each of Pistachios, Almond, Cashew, Black Raisins, Anjeer, Golden Raisins,Walnut Kernel, Dried Apricot
  • Rich in Proteins, anti oxidants which slows down ageing process and keeps you healthy and active
  • Helps in smooth functioning of major organs in the body such as immune system, digestive system etc
  • 100 percent natural crunchy cashew nuts. Good for an active life style, perfect for snacking, Hearts best friend, contains oleic acid, improves cardiovascular system, Rice sources of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, Low fat content and also lowers harmful LDL, cholesterol.
  • Hygienically packed in facility meeting food safety standards

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Tags: pistachios, almond, cashew, black and golden raisins, anjeer, walnut kernel, dried apricot